Countdown to new council continues at pace with detailed blueprint

More detail has been published today on the blueprint for the new unitary council for West Northamptonshire.

The detailed blueprint sets out an overarching view of how the services will be delivered and fit together in the new West Northamptonshire authority, including who will deliver them and from where, a plan to transfer safely and legally for go live day on April 1st and a functional view of the future organisation. These detailed blueprints build on the high-level blueprints which were agreed at the West Northamptonshire Shadow Executive meeting in August.

The focus remains on ensuring residents continue to receive the local services they rely on.

The blueprint also sets the direction of travel for the authority and outlines the aspirations and significant future opportunities that will come from bringing the existing councils together to make our communities in Daventry, Northampton and South Northants even better places to grow up, get on and grow old.

The detailed blueprint starts with a summary of the services from each district and borough and Northamptonshire County Council (NCC) that will make up the new Unitary Council.

For district and borough services, it is assumed that all current functions and staff for South Northants, Northampton Borough Council and Daventry District councils will move to the West.

NCC services will be split across the two authorities. However, as service continuity for residents is the priority, not all county services will be split for practical, commercial and/or legal reasons for day one.

You can see the approach for each NCC service in the blueprints here

Councillor Ian McCord, Leader of West Northants Shadow Authority, said: “The detailed blueprints are an important part of the process to ensure we can carry on delivering valued local services up to, through and beyond go live day on 1 April.

“Our aspirations for the west of Northamptonshire continue to grow, and we are looking to deliver new and innovative ways to improve our services for residents and businesses.”

The detailed blueprint will be discussed during the meeting of the West Northants Shadow Executive Committee set to take place on Tuesday, 22 September.

To access the meeting details and for other information on the unitary programme in the west, visit